President Trump must admit the election defeat!

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As president you cannot blame the election procedure, unless you have reasons for it. And the election for the president and vice-president in November 2020, has been the best election ever in USAs history!

You can tell the president ever as you like as a citizen, and the president can tell the people what he or she wants. This is the only position in the world, where there are completely freedom in both directions.

Joe Biden is going to be the next president in the United States, and he is pretty old now. But he has an excellent vice-president at his side, and that is Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris has been educated, among the other schools, by University of California. She is a lawyer, and she is clever, good to hold speeches, and she is quite liberal in her mind as they are in California!

You and I should just believe in ourselves in the world, because researchers can be wrong. Some years back in time, they stated that there was no more herring along the coast of Norway! And the researchers have made their guesses, perceptions and wrong beliefs by measuring things on the wrong places. The reality was that there was so much herring that people got fish into their living rooms! Everyone can make mistakes, so we must be patient with all, but we must have foundation for some of our statements!

President Donald Trump has lost the election for president in the US to Joe Biden. And he should admit that at once! Al Gore had also trouble with accepting the result when it went for the benefit of George Bush. But he had to crawl to the cross, and admit the election defeat! The fact is that the election in November 2020 for the presidency in the US, has been the best organized election in the USAs history. And there are many excellent presidents in that history, for example George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy!

There are no mistakes in the election process and the election results in the USA. You can try to distort the reality, and dwell with the doubt, and the imaginations and fantasy behind the result. Donald Trump means that too many people, also died people, have voted for Joe Biden, and several votes to Donald Trump have been thrown in the trash, and therefore the election results reveal that Joe Biden has got too many votes, and Donald Trump has got too little votes, but no person can prove these statements from The White House. And they have also been on TV on Fox News and CNN!

President Donald Trump has made a good job as president in the US. But the trouble is that he have not reduced the Corona-virus, and he has not opened the doors to the American economy where it sounds sensible. And in addition, there is too much trouble and unemployment in the US economy. But time passes, and as president you should do the necessary measures that people demand. Now, we have a vaccine for the Corona-virus, and this vaccine can be accepted for use before the new year. And Donald Trump says that this vaccine has come five times faster than expected due to effective and targeted developers. Donald Trump has done much for the business life, and much for America. But he should admit that Joe Biden is the new US president, and he should take a telephone call to congratulate him with the victory! If Trump does not do this, he will be branded as particularly vicious and stubborn.

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

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Hi Sverre, completely agree with you and that is very nice post. There are many good candidate but in US election is almost like a show business that requires a lot of money for promotion. Nevertheless Trump is the first and hopefully the last President who all the period of his ruling lying without getting flushed. I think majority of people are tired from that, it is funny first two or three years but people do not want him for another 4 years.

I am very glad that Joe and Kamala are new team and I am really looking forward to see how the new year will be. But every time when I hear in news that Trump are going to appeal against the results of vote, I feel a bit uncertain if this will really come true and they overrule the decision of Election. Still fingers crossed :)