The history of music artists: The case of Bjoern Eidsvaag!

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Bjoern Eidsvaag is educated as a priest from Norway. But he is liberal orientated, and he loves singing and playing. He is not a normal priest, because he is earning too much money. He likes to make pleasure several places, and now he is also coming into English! We are loving his new moves and also the established affairs!

The song is labelling «A Poem For Peace», and we find this song on the sound track: «Peace In The World». But Bjoern is planning to play and sing in 13 concerts in Norway in 2020 and in 2021. Bjoern loves to be social and to entertain people coming from all layers of the people. And he is singing about envy, life, the earth, the universe, love, the weather, the country you are living within and the people there, and what life should be and should not be like. Bjoern loves to sing for many people. His mind is open, including and liberal, and that means that he can meet anyone!

Bjoern Eidsvaag is most operating with music in Scandinavia. And this means that many and most of his songs are in Norwegian! In «Skyfri himmel» (A Cloudless Sky), he sings what we love to hear: «It was not the way it was supposed to be. We dreamt about a much better time”. We should place persons in correct positions, and we should evaluate them in accordance with their human nature in nature. We should think of the competence you have, and all the opportunities that are there, and we should use of ways to be clever and to operate in wise ways. We love all the songs to Bjoern Eidsvaag, and he is singing about love together with the Swedish lady Lisa Nilsson, and they have also given the song in English, and it is named: “I think about the mystery you”. Bjoern Eidsvaag is meeting the heart, the soul and the brain and the emotions within us, and we love life even better after listening to him. So, many people love his moves, and his ways of understanding!

Bjoern Eidsvaag is born 17 March 1954 in Sauda, and therefore he is 66 years old today. Bjoern Eidsvaag has been a music artist since 1971. He is an author of a number of texts and melodies, several hundred. And all of his musical publications are now available on CD. Bjoern Eidsvaag has in addition participated as a singer and as a lyricist on several record releases together with other artists. You find many of Bjoern’s contributions in music as a folk entertainer in music on the internet, and most of them are in Norwegian, since Bjoern has been used to talking and doing things for the Norwegian people! Bjoern is also singing about Norway, and he has called the song: “Landet lenger bak” (The land further back). So, Norway is not best with all international competitions, but we have a history and a tradition at home and abroad which we are proud of.

Bjoern Eidsvaag is a lovely and positive guy. And he also, like many others, like the debate. He has asked the media channels in Norway whether his music is too bad, or if he is too old. But the people still love his music, and you never get too old, unless you are told that you cannot do any more performances! You find the music to Bjoern Eidsvaag on several platforms, for instance YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify and Deezer. Bjoern Eidsvaag is a mentioned a singer and a composer. He has launched 25 albums in the markets, since he debuted in 1976, and he has been awarded the Spellemann Prize four times. Bjoern Eidsvaag is married with his spouse Ragnhild Idsoe from 1974, and together they have three children and these are: Simen Idsoe Eidsvaag, Lise Eidsvaag and Einar Eidsvaag. Bjoern Eidsvaag has made many popular melodies, and others to the above mentioned are: «Grace» and «I see». You also find several music videos of Bjoern Eidsvaag on the internet, but they are all in Norwegian. Bjoern has not been much willing to do international efforts, but maybe they came in the future!

And again some music as it was asked to be included! :)

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