The world inventions: The history and the case of the organization like a university!

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Any university is a diversity for students and for teachers. There are several general and specific studies, and they hold bachelor degrees, master degrees and doctoral degrees. And as a student, you can choose what you want.

The word «university» means a universe or a whole, where this whole is a union between all students and all the employees at any university. And the university is a higher school at the upper level in societies, and you are free to organize your learning, and your way of taken the courses. So, much is up to you! The university in question has its facilities, but you learn what you like. And the exames should be passed excellent to get good jobs after the studies.

What is really meaning by the word «education»? There are several meanings of this world, and it means to nourish, that is to give abstract and concrete food to your mind and your brain! It also means that you are learning things, persons, history and buildings, and you get knowledges which can be used or not used later on in your life. Education should do something with us. We get all the courses and the university or the colleges in our bodies and in our eyes. And thinking and freedom is the most important we learn at any university. We are not restricted in any ways to do what we want, but we should follow the structure of the university as an admired and respected institution.

We cannot learn everything in the universities, and there are many specializations we can choose, like for instance Economics, Philosophy, Medicine, Languages, Psychology and Sociology, and all the directions you can think of. And in addition to that we should be liberal, and all statements we can get from every angle should be evaluated. We cannot have all things in the books, and innovation and new directions in business life and in public organizations, should be used to develop the organizations, and we need also research and new ways of getting the knowledges that we need.

The 'Nourishing Mother of the Studies' according to its Latin motto, the University of Bologna was founded in 1088 and, having never been out of operation, holds the title of the oldest university in the world. Hence, the university idea is relatively old, and we have had these schools with studies, and social environments in several years now. University of Bologna is located in Italy today, and it has around 100 000 students today. So, there are much information, and many things to learn through all universities on the planet! And bad statements about the universities, should not be given unless you have higher education yourself. We need to think high thoughts in our ways of being, if we have been educated at the highest level. Education is doing something with us, both within our human nature, and from our human nature out to nature. The universities in the world need some doctoral studies, and several publications in recognized journals to be given the life to operate as a university, and there are different requirements in different countries! We also need exchanges among students, research scholars and professors to build the university even stronger in international markets.

The idea that it is a university, has been diffused in many countries since the very beginning in the 1088. We have many old universities in the world today, and some of the most recognized are: University of Oxford, University of Paris, University of Cambridge and University of Padua. Every university is a place to learn, and you are doing it both within the literature, and in the social environments. The best ranked universities in the world are Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, Harvard University and California Institute of Technology (Caltech). And these best ranked schools are located in the United States, and we should attend and be in the schools that have the best reputation and the best ranking about all the schools we find at the highest level. We should use our brain and our body with the best knowledges and the best quality of study quality in the programs that we can find and imagine!

High thoughts are developed and used in the best universities in the world, and we should use these thoughts in the markets, both at home and abroad. And all organizations have a mission, but we should develop them in the best and in the strongest manners.

We should have theories and methods and data to explain different things and different persons, and there are just developed some variants at any universities. And the different studies have different qualities in the different countries. And we be studying literature and courses in relation to what is our potential and our abilities. And universities are different when giving the availability and the respect of titles used in markets and in organizations. We should not listen to much information, if there are not foundation for it in the literature. We know that people mean things due to opinions and reflections. And therefore, we should seek the best advice in relation to what we know, and what is our competence. Competence is a way to understand, and we should use ourselves and our knowledges due to how we are, and why we are as we are.

In Norway, we have not had universities through all times. And, the same situation is true for the schools at the highest level in the Nordic countries. Earlier, people taken higher education in the Nordic countries, had to move abroad, for example Copenhagen. And there were different social clubs asssociated to the universities, to take care of the need to be social. The Norway Club is an old and prestigious gentlemen’s club. Founded in 1772, it is the world’s fifth oldest gentlemen’s club. The club is centrally located in Oslo, next to the Parliament. The facilities are beautiful – characterized both by culture and tradition. And Johan Nordahl Brun and Johan Herman Wessel were pioneering in giving the students studying abroad the best services, both in the courses and in the social environments. Johan Nordahl Brun was born at Byneset in Trondheim and was bishop in Bergen, and there is a statue of him at the top of Ulriken in Bergen, and it is standing in the statue that: «The Grief Passed Me By Ulrikens Top». Johan Nordahl Brun was engaged with getting the best conditions for the Norwegian students studying abroad, both in the courses and in the social enviroments with being a citizen where one was living and operating. And therefore the student organizations are important, and we need them to take care of the needs to the students, and when different students at the same studies and at different studies are being living in the same buildings, they learn to appreciate each other. Johan Herman Wessel came from Vestby in Follo. Hence, both Johan Nordahl Brun and Johan Herman Wessel came from Norway. Johan Herman Wessel said about himself: “He was born to trifles, something big he did not become either”. And he wrote: “He ate and drank, and was never happy, his heels of his boots he went crooked! He nothing making orders was bothering, and finally he did not bothered to live any more! And both Brun and Wessel took care of the needs that the students had abroad when they could not study at home, since there was no university in Norway before 1811. The University in Oslo (UiO), was Norways first university, and today, it has the strongest and best research in several areas.

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

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