Which advice and what doings should be given and done ever from Harvard Business School?

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You know, the libraries have their restrictions even they can give possibilities and open the door many places in the world. What is actually strategy?

Michael E. Porter is an excellent professor in the world, and he gives advice to all the presidents and all the prime ministers at our blue planet, the earth. Could advice be better than telling about the five forces governing business life, and which theories and methods we should use to make the competitive advantages of nations? We need cluster analysis and cooperation in the business life, to manage all the situations that can arise. And we need to take care of people and being friends of the earth, either we are in one country or in the other!

Safety, stability and comfort are factors that are important for any person living on the planet. We need to feel that we are desired, and that we can do things in the firms. The nature of the firm, is what a firm really is with all the ideas and the markets where we are from time to time. And sometimes the markets are not open for anyone, and we do not find other things than the domestication of markets. And psychology and sociology are always important professional areas, when trying to explain each individual and why we are operating as we are. Individual variables and parameters as well as variables and parameters for any group are important things when shaping the business environments interally and externally when trying to explain what is going on!

So, we should be friends with as many as possible at earth. And strategy is about giving good prices, good accessibilities and and good quality on the products. And the firms exist due to the employees and the markets. But we need strong competence in some areas of business life, and therefore we cannot use anyone being blank in knowledge management on the highest level in different societies.

You know perhaps that knowledge management will bring us highest and in the best positions in countries with the highest salaries. But we need to find the relevant positions for that, and the people doing recruitment should find me and you! We have a world where we are dependent on quality and on competence, and any lawyer knows more and much better than any candidate not having higher education. And the same is true for many leaders. But we need to love the organizations, and we should find and develop the challenges, and every possibility should be made to profit and good relations. Cluster analysis is a good way to understand who is operating in which areas with what kinds of people, and cooperation in the net, and competition in regard to nets that are alternative for us, are always the way we should think and do things in the markets.

So, strategy has long been used by leaders and state leaders at the highest level, to explain what is going on, and which movements that can be done to develop the firm in question even better. Sir Winston Churchill used it in wars, and many other leaders did the same. We cannot avoid looking in the literature and in the courses in the universities in business life. And we find much variation in backgrounds among the people different places. But use the time and find your quality in life, and apply for positions where you can use yourself in a career. No position includes every movement on the planet, but there should be done reflected choices, and sensible moves of everything! And the curves we are developing can be constant, or they can change, and the people working in any organization define how the reality will be. Marketing is about doing the employees and the organization in question known in inational and in international markets. And information is about giving messages and receiving messages. We should use strategy and philosophy in the firms to do the daily operations and the daily work even better! The best solutions to firm are always desirable!

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