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Last week I made a promise: I would pick up drawing again after not doing so for a few decades (post). And I would do this last weekend already. But that didn't happen. Probably because I was dancing too long to the DGTL online electronic music festival (post) and too occupied eating Easter eggs.

Soooo, I tried to make up for the lost time by creating my first today, just before the (next) weekend starts.

I mentioned to you - when I made it my challenge to pick up drawing - I may not share my first results. Obviously I wanted a disclaimer for myself to not to have to share my bad attempts. Well! Since I share my first result, you may think I'm quite pleased with it...

But I'm Not!

Though I know people who can't even draw a single line; I can't classify this work to be good; At least not good enough to show others. But it is for another reason I share this on HIVE: To have something to laugh whenever I need it while it also serves as a reminder to me to continue drawing and not leave the pencil for what it is for a few decades again.

About the Drawing

I choose one of the famous Walt Disney figures, since those - amongst others - I drew a lot when I was a child. Cartoon figures I was always better at then real life, or from photographs. I was pretty bad at drawing people: When I drew my parents they always looked a few decades older then they were at that time.

Interestingly, little Pluto here looks also a bit older (original); Don't you think? Pluto is also quite a bit more 'squared' in my version. Some parts are out of sync, like the collar. Some other parts are out of form, like his top ear: My version is much more like an ice hockey stick while it should've been more like a boomerang. I could've used the eraser, but I challenged myself not to erase anything. I think that is the only way to make sure I try the best I can.

As commonly seen on HIVE, also I included a work version of the drawing. I only thought about this when the first round was almost done.

I assure you, I don't want to continue drawing cartoon figures. But I may go against my own wishes though. I need to get the hang of it again, and probably need to draw a lot. First the easy stuff; In between take some (online) classes and read about the theories; Get myself some decent materials; And only then move to the more difficult stuff. In the end I like to be more abstract in my drawings, but first I need to kinda become ok in drawing from real life. That's what I think at this moment, at least.

What's Your Quarantine Life Challenge?

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