Inspired, Energetic, Positive and Happy: What a Wonderful day it is! BUT WHY TODAY?

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Inspired by a post (here) and the subsequent chat I had with the writer, I started to think: "Why am I feeling that positive and happy today?"

In general I have a positive attitude - a glass is half full kinda person - but I can have my moments. As @erikah wrote: "Happiness is a state of mind", I think one can only feel true happiness when we look to life with a positive attitude.

That said, we can't control our state of mind at all times. Biological process may drive our mindset as well. We all know when we slept to few hours, we can become more agitated what essentially means we are less positive than we would have been after a good sleep.

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But something strange I noticed with the lack of sleep and influence on my general state of mind. Until a decade ago, I slept too few hours every single night for at least two decades. Back then, I dealt with being a little tired all the time, ie my mindset was positive even with too few hours sleep on the clock constantly. After getting 'kissing disease', I started to change things; Started to sleep more; Just about the right number of hours I would wake up before any alarm clock would ring. Since then, when I sleep too few hours, I can't find a true positive mood anymore. Guess this is indeed a state of mind thing and how we adapt. Back then, it was normal for me to deal with feeling tired, it was part of my system (my mind) to deal with the lack of sleep. Now this is not the case anymore, since most of my nights I sleep the number of hours I need to not feel tired the whole day. Adapting seems more easy when we experience something constantly.

Another phenomenon we all know about, is the so called 'winter depression'. When I was young, I never understood people who claimed to be susceptible for short days, long nights and grey, wet and cold weather outside. The older I get, the more I start understanding though. I don't think I experience winter depression too much, but I can react quite differently to a sunny versus a rainy day, regardless if this is in winter or summer time.

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Recent years I also got to realise more and more, my mood is influenced by the mood of others, either in the physical world or the digital world. When I get bombarded with negativity, I have more difficulties in keeping a positive attitude. I need to work for it, while it feels so good when I don't have to work for it, like today.

Today the sun is out and temperatures raised to very comfortable levels (around 20 degrees Celsius). Is that the whole grail? Due to our soft lockdown I didn't spend time outside, other than the 20 minutes to grab me some food from the market around the corner. I don't have an outside area attached to my apartment; No balcony or garden or roof top terrace; Therefor it can't be anything like my body getting the energy from direct sun.

Maybe it is because I woke up this morning quite late after a good 8 hours of sleep? When I opened my eyes and noticed the clock stated just a few minutes before 10, I really had to jumpstart myself since my first online session with colleagues was scheduled at exactly 10AM. Couldn't even get my coffee prepared until noon-ish! Since then I'm constantly working, and in between the online meetings, emails and phone calls, I'm attending to STEEM: curating, reading, commenting and so on. Nothing overly existing, but still, I feel super positive!

And you know what? The last two days I didn't feel this positive! Though I had less work to do; More time to spend the way I like; A beautiful sunny day two days ago, while a grey day yesterday. And in the sleep department, can't say I slept to few hours last couple of nights. But maybe I did?

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I'm wondering if food had to do something with it? Until two days ago I was eating quite a lot of carbs (I really love bread) mixed with proteins (meat, fish and all). Since yesterday, I decided I wanted to cut down on carbs, since not being able to move around a lot, this 'diet' is adding some extras to my body. I acted upon this immediately and only ate a tiny bit of carbs, and much more vegetables together with some meat and nuts in the evening. Could it be the carbs that I didn't put into my body yesterday that made me more positive, happy and energetic today? Some of my friends tell me that food - and especially carbs - can have dramatic negative effects on our mood and energy levels. I personally never researched this topic, but it could have some truth in it. Carbs are sugar; Sugar gives instant energy boosts. I guess regular energy boosts makes our bio system lazy. Because of that we feel tired between all the short term energy boosts. Please, don't take my word for it. As mentioned, I never researched this, I simply use my logic. But hey, my logic may not be the truth at all :)

When I started writing this article, I though: "Maybe I'll discover why I'm feeling so happy and positive today while writing about it? I'll explore all the 'logical' options as I write."

Not sure how much time I shall use or how much more I need to write more, but still I don't know why I feel so much different today compared to the last two days. Could the food be the reason? Really? Does food have that much impact on my bio system as well as state of mind?

The only thing I know is that the way I feel today, comes totally natural. I don't have to spend any energy to twist things around. The feeling is simply there. The energy is there as well. It is super easy to handle all tasks I needed to handle today. Even those tasks that I don't like too much. Everything comes by itself. While last two days I was struggling here and there. Sure, last few days I was kinda happy, had kinda energetic, handled the tasks I needed to execute, but I had to push myself, I had to work for it.

I'll try and leave the carbs for what they are coming period. I really like to see if that changes something; If not eating carbs will give me more days like today.

  • What about you?
  • What is your secret to positivity and happiness?
  • Did you find ways to prevent not being happy?


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