a Sketch: the Start or the End?

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It took me TWO days to get this one done: Topic found last Friday; Drawings done last Saturday; And then I the major HIVE pump got in the way! Owww, also the creation of a new account on Steem - I'll be using for APPICS - was a major challenge! Totally distraction guaranteed :) On top of that, had to attend to all my daily activities and got a little sidetracked as well. At least I spend a good amount of my time on curating and even more on engaging with the music fans and creators in our community; Not all of them; Some of them :)

"I need to make a Sketch!"

I ended up with three drawings of which one can be considered a sketch: Wiffle Piffle in a Happy and Energetic Pose!

"Why Wiffle Piffle", you may think?

It all began with a comment by one of our community members, where he used the word: Piffle. I didn't know this word at all, so had to go and find the meaning of it. The big internet told me: Nonsense, Rubbish, Shit. Since I wasn't in agreement with that word being used regarding the question I asked; This led me to write a post for the wider community to get me some more feedback. Through that post I discovered the existence of Wiffle Piffle. Never ever heard, read, saw this little guy!

Now, a bit more than a week after my previous drawing - a result of a quarantine challenge: I decided to pickup drawing again after a few decades not touching the pencil - it was time to make my next one! Wiffle Piffle was easily decided on to become the source of inspiration!

and the original - the source

In the end I made Three versions!

I would've loved to be able to tell you I started out with the sketch (top right version), then the setup kinda drawing (the one to the left) and then the most complete version of mister Wiffle Piffle.

Reality is: I did it all backwards!

I started with the final version and ended up creating the sketch version the last. I have no knowledge how artist go about their work, but I seem to do everything differently than what seems logical :)

From pleasure point of view, I liked the creation of the sketch version by far over the other versions. Wiffle Piffle is in the source drawing I used, quite round. Hardly any straight lines, and all the rounds are kinda circles and ovals with smooth rounded lines added to it. Since the sketch is what it is - a sketch - it allowed me to more freely draw using quick movements; No need to make sure all the lines are properly placed and connected. Great fun it was! Gave me the feeling of freedom!

Thinking of it: Maybe I shall become the sketch artists for the real artists? For now, creating the sketch from some real art, will likely to the best results I can deliver today. So, I could provide artists not making sketches - those who immediately create the final drawing and/or painting - with a sketch, so they can use it for their story line how they came to making whatever they made. Is this a real profession? Is there a need for this out there? I do hope so! If I get enough gigs than I can leave my professional job in Telecom and IT behind me and make sketches all day long! Don't need to live in the city anymore; Can find myself a beautiful spot on top of some mountain! How wonderful would that be? {rhetorical question: you don't have to answer}

So you know: I want my drawings to increase in quality more than just a bit. I really need to move mountains before I get to a stage where I can be pleased with the results. That said, I still share this one with the you and the world to give myself something to go to when I need a great laugh!! :)

Owww, I - as last time - tried not to use the eraser. This time needed it twice; Both times similar spot around the eye. You can see it in the drawings. Crappy eraser I have leaving all this black smudges. Really need to get some decent tools! Like to go to a shop - physically - rather than ordering online, but it seems I have to wait until they open again.

NJOY as Much as You Can

an original
all drawings/photographs by edje

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