Enjoy the Beauty of Nature's for Solution Stay away from COVID-19

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At present of the majority, the people in the world are still living at home to avoid the center of the crowd, it's caused fear of a COVID-19 pandemic. There is no centralized crowd, all must follow the rules instruction of the local government, stay at home must be done, like it or not.

Even so, actually, there is a solution to relieve fatigue at home, enjoying the natural beauty in rural areas could be a pleasure to forget COVID-19 for a moment.

The beautiful village atmosphere, natural beauty that has not been contaminated by Covid-19 seems to give new hope. There is no COVID-19 here, only fresh air. Our attention is also focused on the flow of river water that flows between the rocks.

A pleasant trip. If you feel pressured at home, nature is one solution to restore the body's immunity to COVID-19, in my opinion.

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