A high flight to the destination

in GEMSlast year

She became a light, transparency, The fact that she has been able to make decisions that will help her to be better in a certain time, becoming a lack of uncertainty, and sometimes not being able to move forward, hanging her opportunities on a thread of sacrifice that will only lead her to look for ways of escape that will help her not to be catalogued by an unstable trial period where only her effort has given results to certain suggestions of collapse, allowing her to move forward in a path of thorns but of sublimation in the face of so much nobility of struggle taking the strength to continue in a sinister but terrible and uncertain world that sometimes collapses because of so many unstable ideas that would lead her to the madness of an improper but sublime love that would damage her completely Her only vision was to be reborn, bathing her soul in the moment of happiness, thus covering up so much hatred and resentment of a past that she mercilessly persecutes it, recording all its bad steps and wrapping it in a vile course, tearing all its elegance towards an improper and somewhat confusing destiny.

But she took all her strength, opportunities, resemblances and left took a high flight full of illusion being reborn from its ashes wrapped in pain driving its greatest fear of a certain success helping it to be a horuga about to leave the wrapper throwing its essence in dewdrops that made it sublime before so much beauty and it shone dropping its merit for Just the fact of feeling enlarged by so many strengths that appeared in her tests driven to a genuine but controversial feeling because it sometimes put her in a position of restlessness for planning things without success for not knowing that her path was to be a dove of peace in a high flight to another destination...

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