A sad look

in GEMSlast year

She was a shy, quiet, very self-centered girl, a bit strange but with a fierce look and a soul full of feelings, she liked to read books of various categories where she used to lose herself from her world because she did not want to remember everything that had hurt her.

She was strong because behind that look without light there was much pain because there was a name, a date, a song, a gesture, a caress perhaps moments lived that never managed to recover only try to heal, I will not lie its beginning was not easy, I touch forgetting that company I need so much, that support that served as a comfort perhaps a few words of encouragement that will help her be better, a hug where you feel protected or a kiss goodbye.

But she went on her way aimlessly, tired, torn apart with her heart on a piece of paper trying to cure it by taking the balance without knowing where to go, but she, believe it or not, was very optimistic in her life as she believed in continuing in the hope of burning, dying and being reborn from the ashes like the phoenix, starting again somewhere else, where there would be no memories much less pain, just recovering her emotional stability and above all her peace framed by her well being, imbuing herself with that essence that made her unique and different, since she wanted to be again that happy girl that one day was where she had no more grey clouds in her mind, just new colours of hope so as not to become again the girl with a sad look. ..