An immortal

in GEMSlast year

Greetings Steemians, I hope you are enjoying my new posts. Here I present a story of psychology, something that happens very often to some people.

His experience predominated in a rare shortage of basic terms where he used arguments with information without the use of reason, sometimes he just wanted to justify his mental strangeness with silly prejudices to draw the attention of unscrupulous people where they gave him destructive criticism to amend his being by forming an armor strong and rigid where they did not cause him any harm, thus employing a survival plan around him to achieve his mission in this endless life, bending his character feeling powerful by possessing great acquisition over his qualities where his arrogance will dominate every word, being a monster without feelings spending every second, minute or perhaps a little of his time transmitting fear by not feeling compassion for anyone but his hatred and resentment to whoever wants to lose his ego is a demon because every time he falls he dies and is reborn to continue in his earthly path of great paradigms solving obstacles in the unsupported some because he believes he is self sufficient to use his tasks since he hates the compassion and nostalgia of the people becoming a piece of hell wrapped in great revenge towards a cruel world where he has only received contempt and hatred wrapping his thirst in a big piece where he only thinks to remain for everyone as an immortal.

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