Chronicles of a desolation; The revelation

in GEMSlast year

That day I returned to my house. My mind was collapsing. All hope of getting my family alive was beginning to cloud. And last but not least, not having enough food or water, my life was at risk.

While I was running out of my last provisions lying on the furniture, I remembered my son's last words "Papa, in my place I leave you my chest". With little hope of living, all I had left was to remember those best moments with my family. I had to go to the place where I always played with my son, our underground house.

It was only a few hundred meters from the house. It was our hideout. When Mike was little we had very good times there. Surely he had kept me a gift in case I woke up.

That reminds me of all the hope Mike had in me. Despite what my wife, his mother, always told him about my chances of waking up. He never lost hope in my strength. Every morning before he left for school, he would let me know everything he expected, everything he had planned to do for when he will wake up. I think this should be reason enough to try to find it.

Then remove a few bushes to find the entrance to our hiding place. I can see that everything is still in place. Mike as always has let me notice is still ordered. And that old bicycle, I thought I had already thrown it away. Ah finally, I see it, here is the chest, after opening it. My surprise was finding a letter addressed to me. With few words as if it were written quickly and at one last moment, Mike writes to me "Father, a great holocaust is coming, I don't know if I will see you again. But if that miracle request you want to return, then far north you must run "

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