Chronicles of a desolation; Traces left

in GEMSlast year

That morning I already had everything planned. He knew the route and the way to go. I just had to find the necessary provisions to start my journey. My family was waiting for me.

I quickly started to execute the idea I had in mind. I had to visit from house to house, register each one and try to find everything necessary for the journey. I had to see if it was possible to start some of those cars that are lying on the road, that would undoubtedly make me less long the way.

After visiting several houses, I realized that they had put food as a priority. I couldn't find much. And when opening a few of them I could sniff almost instantly that characteristic dead dog smell of dead dog. Everything indicated more of the same, they had to escape in a great hurry.

At that moment I knew it. I knew why my family left me. In the end it was a burden to them and taking me in the state back then would probably mean risk to everyone.

At the end of reviewing all the houses in the vicinity I decided to go through the greenhouse that we had built here in the town together throughout the neighborhood. "Sure there is something I can take" I thought. With great enthusiasm I run to that place. When he got to this pain a few meters he managed to see the corpse of several people lying on the road, dead dogs, cats ... everything gave me to understand that something is making all life around that place die. "So, that path doesn't seem to be safe" I thought. It was then that I decided to go back to the house.

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