Disappointed first time

in GEMSlast year

That morning I decided to go. Everything pointed to my going to be great. I'd been preparing for weeks. After all this time, I couldn't believe it. My first meeting was getting closer, just a few minutes away.

A day earlier I remember going to the beauty parlor. I fixed my hair, my eyebrows... everything was almost ready, I just had to get the clothes. This was supposed to be a sexy yet elegant outfit that would bring out all my attributes.

A few hours before bedtime I prepared all the food I had planned to take. A great banquet, it was not for more. This meeting we had time to plan, in good time the day had already arrived.

I don't know whether to wear red or black. I don't know whether to combine it or not. The truth is that it won't look good for long, after all we've been waiting for a long time and the desire we have for each other is sky-high.

I finally made up my mind. After a couple of hours I'm ready. All scented, with my skin moisturized and glowing. Everything is ready at last.

After more than half an hour of travel to our meeting place. I'll be waiting for you lying down in the hotel room we had booked. I decided to wear a very sexy outfit to surprise him. I hoped it would be romantic, our first time.

Suddenly after a few minutes lying down. I hear someone coming into the room. "He's in the hall," I said to myself. Suddenly everything in the room goes dark. I was surprised. I couldn't see anything. A few seconds later, I feel a hand caressing my legs, until it reaches my crotch. The sensation was maximum, all my skin was bristly, while I began to feel very wet until I heard his voice. It was a woman.

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