Premature meeting

in GEMSlast year

It took me days to get here. Running away hasn't been easy for me. After seeing the death of all my comrades he almost collapsed. But with what my teacher gave me I know I can make it, all the trust of my dead comrades is placed in me.

Within me lies the power of the sum of them all. I just have to learn to control it. And to make that possible, I have come to this mountain, far from everything. I know that while I learn many will die but it is better than that the last hope of this species dies.

I've been training for a little over a month. When in my head I feel a flash that leaves me paralyzed for a few minutes. I knew it was him. He had already found me, it was only a matter of time before he arrived.

I quickly ran to my room. I knew that there was the halberd forged by the last iron master. It was surely a weapon that could make a difference.

Just as he took the weapon in my hands I felt an enormous air pressure from a shock wave caused by his feet hitting the ground. That's when I knew that the emissary of the dark had arrived. With great willingness I run towards the exit when on the way I feel a hand resting on my neck that dragged me at great speed towards the trunk of a big tree, it was an enormous power. Never before had I felt so much energy in one movement, not even in my teachers. It was then that fear came over me.

What to do, I said to myself. I was faced with a monster that was beyond my abilities. It barely gives me a chance to react.

With great resignation I move at full speed towards a new encounter. This time I thought of hitting him with the most powerful halberd skill. Just when I'm a few yards away, I begin to transfer my energy to the tip of the weapon. This was going to be my best move since I was going to transfer all my energy to it. This was to finish my best move in an instant otherwise I would die. When I had it in front of me I shouted with much fury "Fate's touch" it was an ability that had the probability of eliminating all the space of what it was touching, however it needed a lot of energy to be able to exercise it. And it is then that I realize that the energy embedded in the weapon was so great that it would eventually consume everything to nothing at hundreds of miles radial. Everything was finally over.

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