The agenda

in GEMSlast year

Leaves were falling from the trees in piles in the seemingly endless meadow. At the top of a hill stood a person with what looked like two prominent wings on his back. The leaves seemed to dance at the fluttering of his prominent wings.

He stood alone there, watching, looking out over the vastness of the meadow. He had a worried look on his face.

His king had charged him with caring for something in this place. But at some point during the journey he forgot. One of the consequences of flying in the violent winds of a vacuum storm.

In the distance he could see sheep, cows and some beings that were curiously familiar to him. They stood on two legs, they were different from the rest of the animals present.

The winged creature frowned as it watched these familiar beings use wood and stone as tools.

Suddenly one of them pointed his wooden spear in his direction. They seemed to have already realized that they were being watched.

Suddenly they rush towards him, running towards the winged creature from all directions. They were climbing and approaching surprisingly fast.

I had to escape, I had to fly. But her king had entrusted her with something. But what was it?

While doubt was eating him up, a bold archer who had risen faster than the rest prepared an arrow in her bow. When the winged man realized he had tried to fly, but it was too late.

When he was a few feet up, the arrow hit him squarely in the center of his back. He fell suddenly and began to bleed a grey liquid.

Now he could remember. He had been instructed to watch him, but without being seen by them. He closed his eyes forever.