The fall of my beliefs

in GEMSlast year

It is inevitable sometimes to be insecure without wanting to continue, to feel, to breathe or simply to fight for something unfinished that can hurt you down to the smallest particle of your being where you just want to find that moment of peace and tranquility that you needed so much. but indeterminately, for some reason, that memory of deceit, rage and helplessness returns to you that makes you go crazy changing your facets in a matter of seconds where you only have to sink into the abyss and die, or just get out of it and continue because you are tired of crying for false illusions that you believed yourself when seeing such a majestic goddess on your reflection placing on her throne when darkness prevailed in your life turning it all into a vile misery surrounded by many debris wrapped in doubts and uncertainties that can become deadly because it awakens those demons that are in you and you begin to change forming a battle wall where the only one that you have to defend yourself is you by fear or to be hurt again by hurting yourself in an irreparable way without any solution where you just wanted to be the person you were at the beginning being fully happy.

But we are not beast because here we are struggling with our insecurity aimlessly to end being closed and even tender to never feel, touch, kiss or just impregnate our essence in something illogical, substantial and emotional, because we only do not take refuge in pain being selfish With all the beauty that ever wanted to pass us away our spirit to those sharp thorns cutting every space of it leaving it weak and substantially fallen before the sublime event where you only wanted to be ourselves releasing that bad without the bondage of cruel and vile infidelity.

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