The first from another side

in GEMSlast year

Those were dark days. During the last few weeks I had only seen all those who approached me die. Without being able to do anything I decided to get away from everything. I couldn't do anything else, my family was in danger and this had been the best idea that after so many deaths had occurred to me.

I remember that little potato hut. "That's the proper place to isolate myself" I thought. I must know what happened to me and what these marks mean that begin to appear on my skin. I start to feel strange. My body was getting stronger, I had never seen this in my life. But like all marvels, this one had its counter, apparently every living being with whom it interacts for more than a couple of minutes dies. It is as if surrounded by an invisible energy field. "Maybe this has radioactive origins" I thought

I must resort to the origins. I must review the last places I visit, with whom I interact. But I know that in that place I can be much calmer. I just have to find a way to get there.

While I take advantage of the night to go driving to that place. I manage to see a great light in the distance, one that is getting closer and closer. At that time I thought, this must have a relationship with me. With great terror I brake the truck, my surprise the great light appears on my forehead as if from an instantaneous speed this entity was moving.

His appearance was that of a humanoid. With one size it was abnormal. He was certainly not human. But my big question was, what did I have to do in this meeting. With an almost masterful voice this humanoid says "You must die here". In that instant I knew it was a threat. But my body unconsciously reacted in an unexpected way, and without any control over my reflexes, I could feel how my legs moved at an unparalleled speed towards this entity which sent me flying a great distance with my head. Seeing how he was moving away, I could only think of running away. Many more unknowns appeared in my mind since then.

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