Transcendental euphoria (Short-Story)

in GEMSlast year

I felt uncommonly lonely, I embargo with merits of absence in my soul, from where I felt that in a dizzying way this favorite world of aggrandized people represented a gesture of false hope in the face of so much hate and sublime pain of optimistic unjustified needs by absurd senses of some uncertainty that implemented the restriction of the car hacía another horizon that prevailed of many catastrophes my collapse between us to know that I could not control my sed of nerves before so much chaos and to be because it decays in each step that I dread to accept that I was sick, maybe I didn’t accept my unnecessary help, but I just had to be completely controlled for a day without wanting to have control and I had fear of believing because so much adverse damage had affected me, being part of every anguish, impotence, the ground of despair. for the addition to what you have put in an inexplicable state of darkness where you want to leave but not able because you lock yourself up and you're where you eat with the demons that you take from you, where I get a little desperate for a shipwreck in the abyss in which you find yourself.

But these are like a third of finances rubbing down on the gravity of pests where you feel tired of being so overdone because you are a ferocious animal about to escape wanting to be quick but dismembering where you are going to break where you are from. you just want to stop using a reliever to relieve your addiction to the drug you have tanned by relieving every show you have inside with a certain appetite to come back proving a little bit of your constant need for a little precaution and little corner of where you want to liberate yourself. a Fénix bird to die and return to never fall in a transcendental euphoria.

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