Painting Owl With Big Eyes , Digital Painting

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owl face(3445).jpg

Painting Owl Face With Big Eyes

hello friends, we know Owls are one of the most clever birds , they are awesome and so beautiful , i think this portrait of the owl was great so i chose it to paint in digital .the color of it's eyes is amazingly beautiful , i explain what i did in my process pictures of painting
,i hope you enjoy to watch my painting

i paint a free picture


owl face(3445).jpg

let's start

i draw lines with a normal hard brush and then color it in other layers ,
i add colors on separated layers and the main layer in the drawing at the top , and added background in the last steps of my work
as you see i start with eyes and a color of whole head, then i worked on his feathers

owl face(346).jpg

owl face(3445).jpg

first i work on his face , with this place

owl face(347).jpg

owl face(3445).jpg

and i paint his beautiful eyes
they are amazing and very big with a nice color

owl face(348).jpg

owl face(3445).jpg

here i paint all the body with this color you see

owl face(349).jpg

owl face(3445).jpg

here i add details of feathers by a darker color

owl face(350).jpg

owl face(3445).jpg

and i add more and more details to feather

owl face(351).jpg

owl face(352).jpg

owl face(353).jpg

owl face(3445).jpg

here i add light colors on his feathers , because i think it can be more beautiful with white color on the feathers and body

owl face(355).jpg

owl face(354).jpg

owl face(356).jpg


owl face(3445).jpg

picture of me and my pug painting


thanks for watching , wish you a wonderful day ! ! :)


Te quedo genial! tienes un nuevo seguidor, espero ver mas de tu trabajo.