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How strange can it be to see a gorilla on fire? To me it seems very little, any living being defends its habitat at any cost and this gorilla living in the adjacent areas of Zurnasus is no exception.

I have returned in this quarantine with another commission for @smanuels showing the aggressiveness of the great gorilla defending its home as it has been invaded by human explorers who are attracted by the new volcanic activity. This beast that bathes in fire and surely drinks burning lava holds a piece of wood to keep out anyone who gets in its way, thus protecting its herd.

Clothing description:
-Clothing head: A robust head.
-Torso clothing: Muscular body.
-Legs clothing: Muscular legs.
-Footwear: Typical gorilla feet.
-Arm and hand clothing: 4 meters high, 1.8 meters wide.


  • Wacom Intuos 4
  • Photoshop
  • Medibang Paint

-Step 1:

The sketch, the main phase and the skeleton of the illustration, in this step I have tried to establish as best as possible the position and fury of the gorilla, you can see how the head fits inside a circle, this I have done in order to achieve a nice structure and avoid disproportions.

-Step 2:

Reducing the opacity of the layer of the sketch and creating a new layer over it, I proceeded to make the delineation, which consists of cleaning and defining better the traces that I made previously, but correcting some things, such is the case of the hand that holds the wood on fire.

-Step 3:

According to the description, the gorilla's coat is purple, so I put that color as the base tone, although it is quite annoying to the eyes at first sight, since the background is still white.

-Step 4:

Making use of the "clipping mask" function, I proceeded to add lights and shadows to the coat, taking into account that the main source of light comes from the back and the top of the head. The advantage of using clipping masks or layer blocking, is that it can be colored without leaving the lower area, in this case the purple silhouette. Likewise, in layers above the delineation, I went into even more detail, coloring so that the black lines were covered almost entirely.

-Step 5:

Now, the landscape has arrived to relieve your eyes, I have created a volcanic zone, the place where these fiery beasts are supposed to live. With my beloved square brush of semi-oil texture, I drew some lines looking for some rocks and lava. I progressively improved the color and saturation of the lava, making it brighter, as well as the flames on the stick and back, for this I used the "overlay" fusion mode, likewise, I resorted to my always reliable "Gaussian blur" to blur a little the volcano in the background and give exclusive focus to the gorilla and his flaming stick.

Tell me in the comments if you would be able to drink lava and set your back on fire (just kidding, don't do that)

I'll leave you a little gif with the whole process in it, so you can better appreciate the step by step.

See you in a future post!

Thank You for Supporting My Artwork



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muy buen trabajo de luces y sombras, me gusta mucho :D

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