The first one hundred people to delegate 1000 steem will get a 50% upvote daily

in GEMS7 months ago (edited)

Hello everyone I'm going to be trying to build up the power on this account and I need your help so by delegating you will receive a daily upvote

The more you delegate the bigger the upvote


1000 steempower delegation 50% upvote daily

500 steempower delegation 25% upvote daily

250 steempower delegation 12.5% upvote daily

125 steempower delegation 6% upvote daily

These upvote percentages will change once I have more power but they won't change for you if you apply now they will stay the same

Get in early and you won't regret it help me help you let's build a whale 🐳


All delegators will get added to a list that I will share when I post a post like this

All delegators will get one upvote a day

If you are not a daily poster I can add you to my comments upvote list

Which means you can comment on any of my posts and get a daily upvote


I don’t write so often. Would you upvote comments?

And how often are you willing to give upvotes if we delegate?

I would upvote your comments one a day

I could add you to my comment upvote list

So you could comment on any of my posts and get a upvote once a day

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