Pagoda - Japanese Styled Temple Concept Art Piece

in GEMS7 months ago (edited)

Hi everyone, today I would like to share with you a Japanese temple tower structure which I believe is called Pagoda. It is a different style to the previous temple drawing I did in shape and colour.


This was done on the software GIMP over a few hours and several layers. This temple is simpler than the previous one but i still spent time experimenting with various colours and brushes.

I will share the process with you below:

I used the ink pen again to draw this as I like the variation in thickness it has.



I am almost done however the lighting was not quite right. I needed to darken some areas in shadow and lighten others that are in the light. I decided that the light would come from the top right roughly so I needed to match the buildings values based on this. The left side of the tower would still be slightly visible due to reflected light however there would be harder shadows under the roofs that the sunlight is cast directly.

After considering the main light sources and small details this became the final piece. I wanted the background to give a sense of perspective and some context but wanted it to remain simple so that the focus remained on the tower.

Thanks for checking this post out and all your support!


Looks like you enjoying digital tools, with such contrast of white on grey and the shadow side with blue effect.

Yes, I'm enjoying experimenting with digital tools compared to traditional ones.