Master Class On Creating Toys By Dry Felting!

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Master class on creating toys by dry felting.



  • Wool for felting (white, orange, black, yellow, green)
  • Needles for felting;
  • Felting mat or foam sponge;
  • Wire for paws and tail
    Let's get started:

Take a piece of orange wool and form an oval for the future head (remember that the wool is reduced by 2 times). Felting means sticking the needle into the wool at a right angle and also pulling it out. Take two small pieces of wool, fold a triangle and form ears. By adding wool, we form a head of the shape we need, leave an unflagged edge to connect the details.



Then we take white wool, make white spots and pupils on the face, make eyes.
With the help of black wool we spread a smile and roll it over.


We roll the body in the same way.


Take a wire of the right size for the legs and tail. We cheat with wool and felted with a needle until tight.


We connect all the parts together by felting with a needle.
We take the yellow wool and felted a blouse for our cat, from the green wool we make cuffs.
The toy is ready. Thanks for your attention.





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