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Hello to all online art lovers and those who share with me the sign of Sagittarius ^ _ ^

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Hee hee hee I literally take a "many" days off on the drawing and I'm going to continue with that break for a couple of days more, to finally start cleaning and tidying up my room, no joke, I have about 2 months since the last Once I order it, I like to be tidy, in fact I am, but when I am working on the computer I neglect everything, and the chaos rules in my room, for something they say when a workshop is tidy it is because nobody is using it, my room is my workshop and I was using it a lot, but it is time to order it so that new ideas arise, also this break is to plan the next image that I will make, like yesterday I already made the list of drawing guides that I should do for do and there are 53 that I'm missing. XP

In the information in this guide as well as the previous 3, he continues to deal with the subject of fantasy, although this time focused on mythology, and this time he explained how to draw one of the most recognized mythological creatures in the world, so much so that his figure is represented in the stars, like a constellation of the zodiac and is nothing more nor less than the "Centaur" a being that is literally a full and straight human being from the waist up, but below it instead having legs has the whole body of a horse, which in a sample of what imagination and ideas were like in ancient Greece ^ _ ^

Sketch made in pencil from my guide


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Centaurs are fascinating creatures and quite challenging when drawing them, being a hybrid of two completely different species and representing a wild and free spirit. Due to being a combination of the human figure and the anatomy of the body of the horses, which is one of the most difficult animal anatomies to perform in the drawing.


The Ears


The only non-human feature in the upper part of its body is in the head and it is the ears which are pointed, because they have horse ears, an oval is used to make them as a base, which should be located a tip at one end.

The Hairstyles

Leaving aside the ears, the head of a centaur is that of a normal human being, that is why its hairstyles should reflect its wild side, the usual thing in them are the Mohicans, long manes and ponytails.



Big, rough bushy beards for the older centaurs.


Ponytail hairstyles are exclusive to centaur women, they also tend to wear it loose, with loose braids or with some shawls.

The Body


Centaurs are human beings from the waist up, below this they have the body of a horse, precisely the entire body of the animal replacing the head with the human torso, to draw this union the lower abdominals lengthen until they reach the chest of the equine.


The hooves on their legs are easy to make by simplifying them with basic shapes.


What should be known about them is that being half a horse they have a "mane" which runs all over their back from their human part, starting from the hair and ending where the base of the neck of their horse part would end.

Factors to consider when drawing centaurs

Centaurs generally do not wear clothing "they do not care about going naked" although they rarely wear any garment, as an accessory or as protection.


Due to their wild side the centaurs were considered dangerous for being violent and all barbarians, their animal side gave them great strength and endurance.


Women centaurs or "centaurette" unlike men are more docile and preferred to hide and roam the thick forests of the mountains, a very important feature to take into account when drawing them.


They dominate the lance, the bow and arrow, being very skillful hunters and fierce warriors who trampled everything in front of them.

The best way to portray them in the drawing is by galloping or demonstrating their bow skills.

Technical information:

Digital vector drawing
Program used Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
Full resolution 4724 x 3602px at 300dpi

Spanish version


Thank you very much for reading my post

I hope you liked my Guide and that it is very useful for you
See you in a future publication


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