Pandora's Box - Jackhammer Boogie

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Ok. Since you insist, why the hell not...

Time to share some more of my music. Since it seems to take forever to release something on musiccoin, I'll add those links later. Soundcloud it is - for now.

This track features the bass player Johan Segerberg, and Carsten "Calle" Mathiesen on drums again, where they have a very nice conversation between them.

I composed this one during a trip to New York, where I was playing at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music).

After a very late and wet night out with friends and colleagues after the premiere, I had planned on taking it easy and sleeping in late the next day. The construction workers on Brooklyn Bridge Boulevard had other ideas however, as they started breaking up the street pavement at eight in the morning with jackhammers... So I tried to capture the pounding noises outside, combined with the pounding in my head, in music. Recorded together with the crazy, weird and wonderful guys below, I think we succeeded fairly well.

Gunnar Halle - trumpet
Anders Banke - tenor saxophone
Johan Norberg - trombone
Johan Segerberg - double bass
Carsten "Calle" Mathiesen - drums

Since this post is on the shorter side, I decided to add a photo of a sunrise I took almost exactly a year ago, which I felt was kind of relevant. If you can see the symbolism, good on you. If not, no matter, just enjoy the photo.


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Source notes:
Pictures/designs/photographs/music/etc. in this post are by me unless stated otherwise.


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