Get up to $170 for signing up for HuobiGlobal?

in GEMS2 months ago

It looks like HuobiGlobal is offering quite the sign up bonus!

I was scrolling through my crypto news feed and I stumbled upon an announcement from HuobiGlobal trying to attract new customers.

It looked something like this:


Of course there are several tasks you would have to complete before you would be eligible to receive the entire amount but that is a pretty hefty sum for signing up and completing tasks.

I had to KYC at Coinbase and they didn't pay me anything.

I also had to KYC at several other exchanges that also didn't pay me anything.

Unfortunately I don't think HuobiGlobal is open to US residents but I haven't verified that yet.

Does anyone know where or not US based users can us HuobiGlobal?


That’s a very nice sign up bonus. Almost 750 Steem or more then 2000 TRX.
I will research this some more.

It says your not eligible if your from the US.

Yea I was pretty sure that was the case as I mentioned above. Thanks for verifying that though.

Your welcome. I knew from your article it was probably not open to US, but for $170 I thought it worth the chance. Plus if your not from the excluded countries it could be helpful.

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