This is $1.6 Billion worth of Gold VS $1.6 Billion in BTC

in GEMS2 months ago

Which one is a better form of money?

Which one of these makes more sense in the digital age?

There was a time when gold made sense as a form of money, but that time has come and passed.

We are now in a digital age and which one of these do you think makes more sense as a form of money and store of value going forward?



I'm not sure about you, but the answer seems pretty clear to me.

Can you imagine trying to move or use that $1.6 billion in gold?!

Not to mention the security you would not for it.

Gold is old, bitcoin's time has come.

You can hold some of the shiny metal for sentimental reasons but from purely an investing standpoint going forward, bitcoin is the better choice and it's really not even close.