Why Bitcoin? The FED, that's why

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The FED's balance sheet has expanded by over $4 trillion in 2020 alone

The FED is the reason that you need to own bitcoin.

We have a global pandemic and the only way to keep things afloat has been to print print and print.

It's the weapon of choice for central banks around the world.

However, it's magnified here in the US with the FED expanding its balance sheet by more than $4 trillion this year alone.


(Source: https://twitter.com/Bitcoin/status/1305580498660421632/photo/1)

The really crazy thing is that the last time the FED's balance sheet really expanded like this, it was back in 2009, when bitcoin grew in value exponentially.

But it only expanded by a little over a trillion.

This time around it's growing by almost 4x that amount.

Yes the price of bitcoin was much much lower then so it took less money to move it, but I think you get my point.

Bitcoin has a very good setup with all the money printing and expanding balance sheets by central banks around the globe.

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