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Yes, you read that right, I am earning 24.2% every single day by staking my TRX on Tronex

The amount I earn each day just keeps climbing and climbing and climbing!

I have been getting involved with defi more and more as of late and the more I get into it the more I learn it is very much like a casino!

It's much more like a casino than actual investing, irregardless, serious money can be made for the astute investor (gambler).

Which leads me to my most recent endeavor...

I signed up for Tronex about 2 weeks ago and deposited a small amount to see whether it was legit or not.

Well, after two weeks I can say that it very much is!

Here's my daily return and earnings as of right now:



As you can see, I am earning 24.2% per day on my invested TRX.

If those returns sound crazy high to you, it's because they are!

Tronex is basically a peer to peer ponzi scheme that operates by users contributing funds and those funds are paid out to the current hodlers.

At some point the new funds will stop and the returns will plummet compared to where they are right now.

Whether that time will be a few days from now, a few weeks from now, or a few months from now I can't really say.

All I can say is that I am earning 24.2% per day and I can withdraw those earnings at any time and they pay you a nice referral bonus as well...

Here is the total TRX invested in the contract:



The total USD (and TRX) amount invested just keeps climbing and climbing and climbing and climbing.

It's currently roughly $5.6 million in USD and has gone up every day I have been invested.

Here's my referral link if you want to get involved as well:

Just remember, these kinds of returns won't last forever so make sure you lock some profits when you get em!

Let me know if you any questions about how to get involved in the comment section below.

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