Areas Of Concentration That Chelsea's Tammy Abraham Needs To Improve As A Strikers (Football Analysis)

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Chelsea's inconsistency seems intermittent and the scape goat at the moment for everyone to blame is currently Tammy Abraham because he's been the biggest of the culprit and so far he's taking the fall for the whole team. However one things that's noticeable here is that Tammy Abraham has constantly played for Chelsea irrespective of the fact that he's been constantly woeful and this is because of the excessive faith that Frank Lampard has placed on him that's actually becoming somewhat of an obsession and unprofessionalism from Frank himself.

Chelsea of course has suffered from the transfer embargo placed on them but has since been lifted and believe me Frank Lampard has done well having Chelsea sit on fourth position as other top teams like Arsenal and Manchester United which has been found wanting all season long. However it's time to drop sentiment and think like a big team manager. I think Lampard is failing to see the big picture. I'm actually not against him playing academy graduate but then you have to pick your best and be strict with your selection too.


Now it seemed Abraham hasn't been taking classes or he feels too comfortable to work hard. His positioning has awefully been poor, most of the time he doesn't understand how the offside trap works and when the long balls and crosses comes into the 18-yard box he's always at the back of a defender rather than positioning himself in their center and exploiting the space that he'll get. Positioning is one of the biggest attribute of a striker and this is one of the biggest reason why he's been poor.


This is another important aspect Abraham has been poor with. At the beginning of the season he did so well as a result of his hunger to score goals and he's become so obsessed with scoring goals that he's forgotten how to link up with the wingers alongside him, hold up play for them to actively contribute just like Olivier Ground does so well rather he feels his primary aim is to stay off position in front of the box and only wait for a direct one on one with the goal keeper. But then the EPL is different, you have to be a hard worker on and off the ball as a striker and this is what makes players like Willian such a workforce.


As a Striker one of your duty is ability to understand the game individually and exploit the Weaknesses of your opposition. He's such a tall and lanky player and he's never used the height to his advantage, he's never played to the pace and rhythm of a game and this makes him overly predictable. He's a striker one can easily defend against especially when you see him confused. His lack of ability to score goals isn't the issue. The issue is his lack of contribution to the front line and it seems the attacking line lacks fluidity and vibe or any potency of a sort. He obviously needs to go on loan to a team like Ajax Amsterdam and develop through the ranks