Living In The Precipice Of Immorality; A Way To Punish God?

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Many people lives in the precipice of immorality, a life that's knowingly immoral and yet they still live it like their conscience is no more in charge of discerning to them what's right or what's wrong. Sometimes people dwells on their difficulties, their trying times and their moments of woes, the fact that they feel God didn't answer their prayers makes them feel that the only way they can lash out is by breaking off their sense of morality since it's of no use curtailing one's excesses to live the decent life, people feel it's useless to be in the binge and yet it hardly pays them no more than people who are immoral and evil.

However there's one mistake people often make and this is the fact that it's conceived that living a moral life must come with benefits and if there's inadvertently no benefits than living by default it's imperative to life a terrible life that satisfies one's vengeful nature. This is of course one two ways that comes with embracing the senses of right and wrong. Truth is people feel that believing in God will take away all their physical needs but then they feel hard done when this isn't the case but then is it always a one way traffic? Does it mean that we're stripped of our sense of reality simply because we believe in God?

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No, people feel reality and it's harshness will not happen because they believe in God, but believing in God is different from knowing God, do they understand the ways he functions or does things? This answer is obviously no! Why do people attribute the characteristics of a magician to God when perhaps this isn't really how it is? Religion provides a gateway to God but obviously religion doesn't entirely reveal to man the truest entirely to the existence of God and this is why when people feel God doesn't answer their prayers, they go dark, go immoral and deep down hoping to punish God with their actions.

Truth is, we owe it to ourselves to seek knowledge before acting on opaque impulses. Sometimes our sentimental side blocks us from seeing that God isn't responsible for the reality which generally we have built for ourselves. Wickedness already resides in the heart of man and this isn't God's fault. There's the downside of dominion, total freedom and the fact that no one can hold us accountable the thoughts we sure. Living a moral life isn't what an immortal supreme Sovereignty will teach us, we have the senses of discernment and sometimes we still chose to turn off our humanity simply because we feel we've been hard done by God and life.

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In a broader perspective, do you know God? Do you understand the way he works? Does your blame on him holds ground or is it baseless? Is it sentimental or is it logical? Truth is, the fear of holding ourselves accountable for our actions is something that makes us blame God each and every time our kind has faltered. In reality no one totally understands how God works and this is why we must take responsibility for ourselves, make attempts to embracing morality as guided by our ability to discern between right and wrong. We're our problems and we must see this. God is God and we are us, and the better we start taking responsibilities

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