Mental Fragmentation; The Good, The Bad And The Ugly?

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Mental Fragmentation is a process through which one's brain stockpiles a load of memories and events from different happenings and different timing for over a long period of time thereby making it difficult for the brain to have strong recollections of memories that matters more in the life or identity of a person. the truth is, memories are what makes people differ in all forms, the body is host, but our mind is what forms the true identity of what we are but mental Fragmentation often threatens the ability of the mental state to remain unique and different as a result of the having some of the strongest memories and collections that forms the identity of a person.

People who provides services for a large number of people often suffers from mental fragmentation this is because for each and every person we know, meet and relate with, the brain saves the data, the cache for us to go back to anytime these people resurfaces in our lives but then when there's a large frequent increase of events stored in the brain without constant reference to it, a person is likely to suffer from mental fragmentation and this makes the mind fragile to memories, informations and unique events.

Multitasking is one of the things that causes mental fragmentation which sometimes can result into personality fragmentations which also can cause dissociation. Sometimes people are forced to go through experiences which brings out two distinctive identities from them and when they finally are set free, they'll suffer from personality disorder simply because the experiences they've gone through is making them fight the original personality they've had before the life changing experience they've gone through this often happens to people who has gone to war and are forced to have memories of burning flesh, screaming children and many others.


Multi personalities; mental figmentation

Many mental situations are often related because they deal with the memories stored in the brain and how we often related to them and how they form our identities. Now let me relate this to psychology; there are times we pass through the most painful process in our lives and the memories of these events are often too cumbersome to bear and one of the ways we shut or block these memories from hurting us is to multitask form different strong memories that can suppress the one we previously have. Now the pain will likely not go away but then it'll be sifted down laying dormant in the mind without affecting one's daily life activities.

The downside to mental fragmentation is that is makes memories, event and special times less unique because there are billions of informations that comes in an go without a constant nurturing which often dies frequently. But then stronger memories stays and forms one's identity. However with mental fragmentation, there's nothing like forming a unique identity and sometimes people knowingly go into this state so as so suppress some of the most painful memories that tortures them. Time, event, change and readjustment often does it all. It's imperative to understand that this state can damage one's identity forever but then it's often a saving grace for those hoping to suppress unique memories that brings pain to them.

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