My Plan (Budget: $1500) + $400 in grant To Renovate My Family Home

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$1500 is roughly about 600,000 in naira and this is a supposed budget for renovating my family house. Currently I stay with my aunt because I haven't completed my father's property. 1.5k$ is a huge amount of money and precisely I don't have it currently but I'm planing to save up this money in a space of 18 months from my trading profits and other menial micro jobs I do on the internet. Although I'll have to depend on my curation rewards which means I might power down an equivalent of my curation reward for every week for a span of 18 months and well also I'll consider collecting a grant from my friends as well.

I'm also looking at bitcoin mooning in the space of 18 months to come because by then hive will follow suit as well and other alt coin as well. However I'm only hoping and not really basing any certainty on this. Nevertheless I'm not pressured to exceed the timeline of my budget which of course might exceed 18 months but then since my means of getting the money for this isn't certain, the timeline may exceed 18 months, it might also happen before 18 months but then the higher dollar rate against the naira might just be advantageous to me even if it's really disadvantageous in the long run.


It's a difficult process to build a house, but then when you finally do it's an asset that appreciates overtime forever. Although this budget doesn't really include the cost of a land because the land is already available courtesy of my grandfather. In Nigeria it's easier to purchase a landed property or own one. In my own case I co-own this land with my younger brother and having my grandmother and mother as the only survivor of my extended family, so by default we've inherited this land which is about one hand half plot of a land which can conviniently contain two four bed room house with a parlour each. The landed property is all ready available and so the budget wouldn't include the cost of a house.

Total Cost?

Currently building a four bedroom plus a parlour apartment without an inbuilt passage will cost about 1200 bricks which is about 190k in Nigerian naira, cements will cost about 124k in the same Nigerian naira. Then payment for the builders involved will span about 180k as well this will bring it to the total of about 495k approximately Then the roofing materials might for about 100k plus other instruments involved as well as the nails then an extra 50k for the wood and ceiling materials which will be in excess of 600k. I'll however be hoping to have a grant of 150k from my friends and Family to complete the other tiny building material I might need including doors and aluminium material as well. at the end, I'll be using up 750k in naira ($1940)

This might look incredibly small to a high end or high level earner but then some average earners in Nigeria might need about two years of even more just to earn this amount of money. I had to contact people who are builders to get a rough estimation of how how much I might need. Now in 18 months time, this money might just rise to about $2000 or considerably more but then this region would definitely get this project done. I'm currently in college and having a lot of prospective bills to settle so this might be really difficult. There might be a lot of unforseen circumstances too but then I feel 18 months or at least 24 months at most should be able to help me with this. $2000 is huge and probability impossible but I'm hoping I can have the favour of crypto moon in the coming two years.

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Thank you for sharing your story. I wish you all the best in earning the money to build/renovate your home.

Thanks a whole lot

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