Sex: The Broader Perspective. (A Life Ramble)

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Reality is very harsh and no one's responsible for that solely. Collectively each and every individual might have contributed to it, but the truth is that there's a grander scheme that's responsible for the harshness of reality and that's even too wide for the mind of a human to fathom. Personally I'm an advocate of facing reality and standing for the truth that reality brings because Irrespective of how much we cower in denial, it doesn't really change anything. That's why we need to look at life in a broader perspective rather than only thinking that what's right by your standard us actually what's universally acceptable.

I was talking to a person who says men who wants sex in a relationship are vain and should never be given a chance but then I told her another broader perspective to the issue which is; someone can still have sex with you and go on to love you forever another person on the other hand might decide not to have it with you and still scorn and treat you wrongly. Sex isn't the basis to judge how far a relationship can go this is often miscalculated by a lot of people and hence the reason why we have so many wrong marriages built on things that shouldn't really matter.

Personally I'm not the sex freak type of people but I definitely try not to be subjective when basing my argument. Truth is, meeting the right person is difficult and saying because a person wouldn't have sex with you means he's the right person for you is totally wrong. Irrespective of the fact that morality and godliness frowns upon sexual relationship in a umarried situation I Just feel ladies should be more better in their analysis of who they presupposes to be the right people because I'm still saying it, we have a lot of divorce because the criteria people create in their mind of who the right person is, can be totally wrong and lacking substance.

Sex is powerful and with the right people it can be magical, however the world we are now see sex like a usuality that carries no significance. Sex is a big deal, it sells hugely; in the pornographic industry and other places and this is something that's become the center of most decision some people make. People have actually made terrible decisions based on sex and people have left their original position based on sex and sometimes when I begin to think properly I see that sex is a tool and it's the center of life of most people and it actually guides them.

In conclusion, we're guilty of giving sex the value it has currently. Nevertheless cultivating the right habit and following one's personal standards on the issue of sex is currently essential. When you don't give meaning to the thrill that sex can bring it'll enable you to generally make decisions that will affect you better. Be positive minded about sex, yet give it no value at all. Let it not lead you astray or also determine or influences your choice. Truth is women that places too much Meaning on sex always makes emotional calls that might stay with them for life. Sex isn't a proof of anything in life so don't let it guide your imagination of what's right or wrong

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