The Detriments Of The Sentiment We Attach To Milestonic Years Like 2020...... (A Financial Angle?)

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The year is slowly trickling to and end and I remembered feeling 2020 was going to be iconic in many special ways but then, it's been iconic quite alright but then it's done so in the most negative of ways. I've realised that sometimes we become too boisterous in expectancy for naturally things that seem mundane and ordinary. Sometimes we place too many sentimental attachment to things like new year, Christmas and other maybe milestonic years like 2020 and we raise too much high standards for ourselves, we set goals that seems too plutonic and then when we couldn't reach these standards we feel we've somehow failed ourselves.

Truth is, the moments we begin to make resolutions this is when we begin to make ourselves susceptible to pressure and procrastination, it's important to set targets but then setting humble targets allows us to even prepare our minds to hit the milestones ahead earlier than we planned and this is the delight we should derive from making plans for the future. The effect of 2020 might last a really long time and the future will forever make reference to the meltdown which covid-19 brought to the world on all sector and by all means free to evaluate your personal resolutions and see if it's been up to par.


In reality, I'm someone who's utterly unexpectant, I go into any year taking one step at a time. I know many might say that I'm a pessimist but this is not true, there's a difference between being a pessimist and a realist there's a difference between having baseless hope and hope built on sensibility. I'm a guy who's hopeful based on the work I've put in. The universe has a way of suprising us and sometimes we outdo ourselves by looking at life the way it isn't suppose to be. I came into 2020 feeling that bitcoin should/might/ought to and can do well but then so many other twist has happened, and well here we are.


I came Into 2020 a bit broke and not certain, I Just want to get over college, get good grades and maintain my physical health condition. I had challenges at the beginning of the year but I knew who I was, I knew the things I can achieve and the things i might not be able to, I didn't see any sign that the year might be iconic Irrespective of the hope a lot of people held but then I dreamt of having huge cars and building nice houses but that wasn't something I might quickly achieve. This dream was solely built on whether there might be a crazy bull run but when it comes to general terms there was no way I could build any fancy houses or cars because I was only in college and not being gainfully employed.


There's been a financial decline globally and 2020 isn't iconic and many will have their resolutions shattered to dust. Irrespective of the change to how things use to be, I feel hopeful that the year might just turn out good especially if we can see BTC reach 18 or 20k but in a general term 2020 will teach people that milestonic years like 2020 are just ordinary years that we place sentimental attachments to. It's better to approach each and every year with moderate expectations so as not to feel like failures after each and every of our endeavours in life. I know sometimes we want to showcase hope due the signs we see but then, we can't see into tomorrow, we can only predict and assume to some certain extent.

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