The Influence Of Africanised Norms On The Girl Child

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Generally speaking I've taken my time to look at people, I mean not just looking at them, taking time to understand a pattern, see a sameness and difference and of course taking time to look and see how the society unknowingly influences the lives of people negatively without them not even understanding this. Without disrespecting Africanisation I do believe some of the norms people hold over here are backward and redundant and it inadvertently hinders the smooth process of human relationships and how vast we should advance when it comes to human relativity and interaction.

First and foremost, masculinity or feminity is something I consider as a veil that keeps people's thinking limited to a fault. There are some particular norms I find really strange and this would be kneeling down to propose to a girl, or a woman etched or strapped to the mindset that they can't ask a man out because they'll be seen as cheap although these are Africanised norms basically but I do believe that this norms are redundant and shouldn't count anymore in the general African society.

I was talking to a girl a while back and trying to establish something I noticed a particular crooked mindset; from everything she was saying she believed she didn't need to go to school or learn a trade or have a job and all she needed to do was looked pretty and a rich man will definitely come one day and take her off the pangs of poverty of course by marrying her. This was strange and I resented how her parent, the society and some norm twisted her . It's strange when I hear things like woman are weak and shouldn't work, they're fragile and should be treated as eggs. It turns me off when I see pretty people with no brain and no ambition it's like the society is one sided; dependent on a man to bring innovation and providence

There are painstaking exception to this nevertheless. Women who have beaten the odds are often praised, beaten the odds to do the things that are different from some set norms which is being keyyed into and acted on and to me I believe nothing makes a man different from a woman and the only reason why everyone thinks so is because we ourselves have created a sort of apparition, a sort of segmentation which makes us place s woman in different light with a man and everyone is now etched to this mindset that some particular thing should be for a women while the other for a man.

Without a doubt, a man and woman should share distinct features and personalities this is exceptionally true but then some of the things I've noticed are just etched to my society. Women are capable of more and shouldn't be limited to marriage or limited to thinking small simply because they're women. Africanised norms about women are archaic and any lady dwelling or living on these norms might not even get the message in this post. Truth is, I believe the western world's influence has been changing this a bit but then some our women needs to see the right steps teach the future girl child generation better, women aren't egg flakes, they're human beings and they should live past any africanised norms laid down for them by the society.

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