The Myriad Of Greed That Runs From The Citizens To The Government

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Over the course of three months plus, transportation and food has become the most expensive commodity and services in Nigeria. It's very ironical especially when there's been a little reduction in the price of fuel, The thing is, crude oil's rise or fall just about determines the rise and fall of almost everything in the Nigerian market and lately many have profited greatly from the pandemic and because of this excessive profiting many are even hoping and wishing that the pandemic continues. we've seen people like Zuckerberg and Jeff Besoz add tremendous amount of wealth to their already flowing stack of wealth and looking at many other places like Nigeria, the pandemic have becomes a huge revenue generation.

The Nigerian government is currently insinuating that it's broke meanwhile we've seen so many external bodies donating huge amount of money to them because out there, many nation feels that Nigeria is a very poor country. This of course isn't true Nigeria itself is wealthy nation with countless resources but mismanagement and lack of proper documentation and accountability is why the wealth is never spread around in form of ammenities, jobs and decentralised grants to neglected sectors like agriculture. Hence the wealth is stacked up in foreign bank account by government personnels and used to invest in things like personal houses and real estate.

So because these wealth are stagnant it hardly enriches anyone. It's like HODLing bitcoin and having about 20 years time frame on it. It hardly Influence anyone. So these resources suppose to span into other sectors. Nigeria depend majorly on oil and the proceeds from oil are hardly used to influence other sectors even places like the Niger Delta where these oil is coming from is hardly empowered to continuously provide an influx of infrastructural development and that's why we have insurgency and terrorism as well as pipeline vandalisation in the South South fighting "the take and dump policy" the government is doing in the region that generates crude oil to them the most.

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Crime fighting is becoming a means of enriching financial crimes bodies like (EFCC), there is no accountability for the loots being recovered from internet fraudsters and jailed corrupt politicians. Recently a governor who embezzled over 12 billion in Nigeria currency has been released after spending about six months in jail. and this is because there's no bill passed by the constitution for stipulated amount of time for a government official who's guilty of embezzlement. The citizenry recognises that Nigeria is more than a failed state and everyone is looking to cash out on any little opportunity so much that the decline has entered a stage where corruption and crime seems like something that be tackled with owning more financial power.

So the citizenry are taking the crumbs off the floor and because people needs to satiate their needs, illegality has become a more viable way to earn money to placate the constant inflation of prices of commodity and the stagflated state of the economy in general. Now, a person with a constant income will now have to buy goods and services two times the prices it used to be. So there's no check on the excesses of the citizens because law enforcement are not punishing crime but giving people the opportunity to pay for their crime and thereby setting the motive for them to further continuously commit it. So the corruption runs deep from the government to the citizenry and because of this there might continuously be a constant decline and for me the only solution is migrating to somewhere else where I might have better opportunities.

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