The Questions And The Darkness. (An Original Poetry)

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The Questions And The Darkness

I come in peace,
with violence in my voice
wearing many questions
like a girdle.
this smile, is a façade
that hides the silence,
I am, a twirling tornadoes
that reeks of turbulence
for the world is a pestilence
that nips the eyes
in one clean cut
and tears follows free

I'm a question mark,
that keeps them in awe,
so little a less, but I am more,
I keep asking,
hitting iron doors
with blooded fingers
and galloping breath
clutching to my stomach
knocking to seek
for the world must be my misery
looking through me
with half closed eyes

Like a twisted twig,
I'm the monster in the mirror
for I see what I am;
a hurricane with hushed impact
a horror with sweet decoratings.
so what do you see?
a beauty to behold?
or a lost cause with fine beginning?
an angel in the dark?
or a wraith In the light?

I bask in delight,
for numbness is a friend
my place of retreat,
so my glasses are raised,
knives out
fingers on the table
a shaky wrist
and an undecided whisper
gentle tricking into me.
I now see clearer,
clearer into blindness
darker thoughts as I wallow.

The truth is a pill
it comes in naked sizes
too jagged for the throat to swallow.
I am, etched to roads
slippery and narrow
trekking into tomorrow
as slow as light's speed
and as fast as my hesitations.
Yet I remain, a question
with no answers
to comfort my curiosity.

I come In peace,
with violence in my voice,
for decadence stinks
and no one knows,
the terror behind the fractures.
I'm a mask with no face,
for in the place of my face
lies questions
too cavernous to quell me
so I'll return,
empty handed
defeated and suppressed
walking away
into the deep.



All Images, taken, owned & Manipulated By Me

Written By @Josediccus


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