The Syndrome & Fear In Starting out........ (A Life Ramble)

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Starting out, or a starting point is the most difficult stage of any journey and sometimes people are so confused with the myriad of challenges they'll be facing when starting out. You see, life in generally can be intimidating and we only notice this when we're fully conscious of who we are, our environment and the things that are happening to us. We as humans begin to take more cognisance the more we develop and grow and this means every stage we unlock in life comes with difficult challenges and sometimes the pressure feels too cumbersome.

But then moving forward is more difficult than moving backwards this is because to fail needs no process, no procedure or even strategy other than for one to just choose to be numb and do nothing, However to succeed needs carefully laid out strategies and resilience and sometimes whenever we're starting out new things in life we become full of expectations full of enthusiasm and this often makes us unprepared. There's no reason to not feel enthusiastic about our progress in life, but one thing is, whenever people conquer one challenge in life and decide to start another, they spend too much time celebrating their victories.


This brings me to the Phenomenon of starting something new, sometimes people see comfort in giving up, that's fine. There's one thing we must understand about "giving up" and that's the fact that sometimes it takes us off fruitless ventures that might have wasted precious time in our lives. However we need to identify what's worth giving up on and what's not worth giving up on. We hardly have time and time itself is shorter than we think and that's why we should identify our prospect focus on them as our goals and be dogged towards achieving them irrespective of how starting out will eventually test our resolve.

There are times where we feel hard done, we want to prove to the world that we can offer better if given the opportunity, but then we have to go through the process, the channel, the phase and this translates to starting from somewhere. "This somewhere" is a place without back doors, no loopholes or shortcuts and being in this place teaches us patience and then when we eventually succeed, it makes us bask in our success.this however doesn't mean we aren't allowed to start slow, or start late. Life's a race without competition and the only competition we feel or see is the one we mentally create this is why we should take time, understand how difficult it can be to begin something new.


Without a doubt, let's not allow the opinion of others coerce us into thinking starting something new is easy, it's not. Everytime we take a step, it takes time to get into a stride sometimes we might start out frustrated and unready but then we need to laud each and every effort we make it gives us the courage to go ahead. Without mincing words. Starting out can mean shedding one's skin, taking on a new profession, getting married, chasing a degree, traveling out of your comfort zone. These things aren't easy because it's hardly rewarding when we're starting out but then it gets easier with just the right amount of perseverance.

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