What is the biggest question or mystery in your life that until now you haven't had the answer to?

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Making decisions is one of the most difficult challenge a person can ever face especially when there are similarities to the choices in front of them. Truth is, we fear the consequences that each of our every choices or decisions might bring and that's why we sometimes we're often weary of being in the hot seat to take hold of our lives and make the best decisions for us. But then, the universe is a mystery that'll continue to confuse us the more we try to understand it. We're blessed with the ability to have total dominion of our lives and take responsibility for each and every choices we make but then why isn't it possible for us to see the consequence of our actions or decision upfront before we make them in the first place?

Why isn't it possible for us to see the consequence of our actions or decision upfront before we make them in the first place?

This is a mystery; we humans aren't totally whole, there are loopholes to the complete species we are but then one of the reasons why we have wars, famine, multiple death and insurgency is because constantly everyday there are people that are tasked with making decisions that can influence the lives of others on a large scale but then these people totally falters and makes the wrong choices based on their calculations, their sentimental attachments or even their intuitive abilities. Now these decisions might bring death and war and affect the lives of others who doesn't even know that their death was caused by someone who carelessly made a decision with knowing what the result of that decision will be.

What if we can see the consequences of a prospective action can it make us change for the better?

But we fear consequences and sometimes that fear alone decides our decisions. But what if it was possible to see the consequences of our decisions upfront? What if we can faced with the horror or pain that our actions will bring, will it ever mellow us or maybe bring out our humanity and force us to retreat on the kind of people we might become? I look at the course of history and those that are at the wrong side of history are there because of the terrible decisions that they made. People like Adolf Hitler of Germany, Roman emperor Caligula so many others are world villains even if they're actually no more but then they weren't born like that.


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The lives of each and every person in our planet earth depends on the choices they make and the reason we have good or bad people is because of the decisions or path different people take in life. Everyone was born a tender loving baby with no guile or stain but then bad decisions brings flaws and these flaws taints us and these taints makes bad people who they are. But then wouldn't it have been better if we had one giant screen that will show or predict to us the consequences of our actions? Don't you think we'd be without wars, death and greed in the world? This remains a mystery to me. Man always blames God for every bad thing that happens but then it's our bad decisions that brings evil to the world.

It's true we can't be Omniscients and we can't know it all, but then sometimes the future is filled with too many unforseen circumstances and we're not equipped to deal with it. No one as well should be omnipotent because we don't deserve total and unchecked power but then I believe one thing we lack that we basically aren't blessed with is not having that extra intuition to see the consequence of our actions and this has decided the course of how humanity has turned out. So why couldn't we just have this? This is my big question and I'm sure everyone can relate with this. The truth is, I know life shouldn't be one giant virtual reality but then we deserve some peace and calm and the wars and bad leadership and insurgency isn't good as well but then wouldn't it have been better if the people behind these things can see the consequences of their actions?