Why Is Ego So Prominent In So Called "Conscious" Communities?

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Almost everyone has a mild form of ego but then it becomes an issue when people becomes egocentric especially in a community setting where they should be conscious to vain human attributes that they shouldn't muster at all. However in life sometimes people becomes prone to be egotistical especially when they're gradually attaining the greatest laudable heights. In a clearer form being egotistic is a having a feeling of Self-importance, an aggrandised feeling of superiority that people feels however not sentimentally shared by others around them. Truth is, being conscious doesn't stop this feeling, it's like saying people have lost their sense of pride simply because they eschew humility.

In reality ego is part of the human attitudinal structure and it sometimes comes with materialism, power, wealth and a whole lot of other thing. In my country for example churches are meant to be spiritual communities but then religion and power and money make some of these spiritual leaders to be exceedingly proud, egotistic and lacking respect for their fellow people. Take a lot of politics as a governmental community; The people who are I'm charge are supposed to be servants of the people but then people ends up being their servants and they end up building their walls so high, becoming those things they shouldn't have In the first place.

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So when people are accorded a sense of importance; ego automatically comes with it because it's an elevation from their natural state to a different, better state. When you look at all community settings that actually exists there's the presence of egotism and even being spiritual inclined most times don't stop this. In reality no one is born with ego, it's acrrued or even garnered. It takes a lot for a person not to be egotistic. And the only way to do this is to deaden the flesh make one's consciousness to materiel things null and void then it becomes possible but then this is an aspect of one's life that can't be taken away.

Being conscious on some aspect of life brings out our ego. There was a time I dated a girl and she was all shades of humility but then she got into college and she become more spiritually inclined so much that it blinded her emotional feelings for me. Now the truth is, she became more egotistic because she felt she was destined for better things other than me. The spirituality she proudly spoke of having didn't really radiate in her attitude, simply she elevated her status so much she find people like me were below her level and this was contrary to the doctrinal principles of the Christianity she practised. Simply put; she became egotistic immediately she became religiously conscious.

So I'm sure deep down she herself couldn't explain why she became what she became, but then this is no even her fault. People aren't Who they are especially when they begin to become conscious on so many new aspects of life. It's like one starting to have a new accent immediately move and settle into another country. But then lessons here is, it's nearly impossible to deaden our own flesh unless it was deadened by an extra unexplainable Sovereign force humans can't explain it and sometimes even it it's hurts it's one one the perks of changing, developing and taking on new life habits, challenges and so on

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