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Those running contests on STEEM may be about to get some support...

Steemit,Inc announced today, during their 100 Days of Steem initiative, that they would like to support some contests on STEEM.

Which is great news for those already running contests.

Steemit,Inc will be using the @steemcurator01 to add some juice to contests running on STEEM.

The official announcement can be seen here:


More on how the votes will be distributed can be seen here:


One of the biggest problems in getting people to participate in contests on STEEM is the lack of large prizes/payouts...

If contests are able to award larger prizes/payouts, it should really help with attracting more people.

Plus, if the contests are promoted outside of STEEM, it could be a good way to bring in outside users to STEEM for the first time.

As far as contests go, one of my long time favorites is the one run by @sportsncoffee.

He runs daily sports contests that used to involve the big 3 sports until the coronavirus basically shut down all sports globally.

I would go back to playing those again if he was able to have better payouts for sure.

There are some other contests on here that looked like fun as well should they have a little better prizes to payout to participants.

If you are on STEEM and run a contest, read up on that link above and see if you can get some support!

Stay informed my friends.


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