BTC Gap Fill in Session

in GEMS2 months ago

There are two very large gaps on the CME BTC Futures charts, they usually fill

When looking at a chart of the CME bitcoin futures, it's hard not to notice the decent sized gaps put in there recently.

We have the one created today after the big drop up around $60k, and we have one from several days back below where we are currently down to about $54k.

Check it out:



I suspect we will fill that $54k first, then make our way back to that $60k gap.

The $54k is already starting to fill as I type actually...

These gaps have a very high tendency to fill, paying attention to them can be a powerful tool to add to your trading arsenal.

Stay informed my friends.



In fact I wouldn't be surprised to see BTC soon at the $47K buddy, there is the .38 Fibonacci of the entire upside and it would be a very good point for a correction. It would be very healthy for BTC to correct to this point, so then start to gain strength for a rally to new highs. Here is a Fibonacci chart.


I am also observing a bearish flag pattern in the short term that could push BTC to these prices. Here is a chart.


As you can see the target of that flag is at $46K approximately. Best regards colleague!

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