Coinbase now worth more than Goldman Sachs!

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Oh the irony...

Coinbase is now more valuable than Goldman Sachs, who called Bitcoin not an asset...

The irony in this is pretty good...

Remember Goldman Sachs?

First they were interested in bitcoin and crypto, then they weren't, calling it not an asset class late last year.

Well fast forward to this year and they have since changed their tune, allowing clients to invest in bitcoin etc.

Interestingly enough, Coinbase the company that was interested in bitcoin the entire time, is now more valuable than Goldman Sachs...



The irony here is pretty good!

Perhaps they should have been a little more like Coinbase and less like JPM...

Stay informed my friends.



Hi friends, how are you? You will be fine. I saw your post. It was very beautiful. I liked your way of posting very much. I hope you will keep posting like this and keep telling us how to work like this.

I can't tell if I should invest more $ into crypto using Coinbase, or invest $ into Coinbase once it's fully public and investable in a few days! Perhaps both?

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