The supply of BTC sitting on Exchanges continues to drop

in GEMS2 months ago

There is going to be a major BTC supply shortage at some point...

All you need is time.

That phrase has never been more true in regards to when bitcoin is going to moon.

We have a situation where the supply keeps getting soaked up on all the exchanges, yet the price has been relatively flat for months now.

Here's the latest graphic:



In the last 4 days alone, almost 42k bitcoin has left exchanges.

Seems like someone didn't mind buying the dip.

At some point the demand is going to outstrip the supply to the point where the price will have no choice but to go up.

That's what's been happening much of the last year and looks to only be getting even more and more constrained.

If we wait long enough, a moon shot is likely coming simply due to the supply/demand dynamics.

Stay informed my friends.



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