We trust Banks with our Money, yet they don't even trust us with their Pens...

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Oh the irony is thick here...

Have you been a traditional bank lately? Actually I better rephrase that...

Have you been to a traditional bank prior to the pandemic?

The reason I say prior to is because now things are slightly different...

But prior to that, we trusted them with our money, and they didn't trust us with their pens...


(Source: https://twitter.com/bitcoinsingula1/status/1382652157523062790/photo/1)

They made sure to keep all their pens on a chain to make sure no one walks off with them!

$.50 pens...

Oh the irony.

I know that most people didn't actually trust the bank, they trusted the government and didn't put more than the FDIC insurance limit in there.

Either way, it's pretty ironic. :)

Stay informed my friends.



Unfortunately, no one is complaining but instead, stand in Queue waiting for them to take our hard earn money. 😂

Well said. Banks don't trust us and we are still helpless that we can't go without them.

Seriously,where i come from banks needs to ne scrapped,the tax is just killing us.

You know, banks were set up to make profits. With that in mind, no business wants to loose even if it is a pen.😎

I never thought of this🤦‍♂️. Its so appolling that we all still smile amidst the disregard we get from them. To topple it up, we still find it hard most times to access our hard earned money.

Nice content @jrcornel.
Hope to see more of unique contents from you

This is great @jrcornel...lol.

It's not you that they don't trust, it's friend that you often take along. :D

yeah shut down those banks, all we need are ATMs and cashapp and https://crypto.com visa cards and other local crypto services but soon everyone EVERYONE will be happy to ACCEPT crypto then it becomes a system of creating JOBS and UBI style systems ... dapps dapps dapps we all get jobs as bloggers developers organized curators etc

well said and very informative for me
'' We trust the banks with our money and they cannot even trust us with a pen''