A magical poplar forest

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After a lockdown and 28 days without nature, this walk was a necessary refreshment for my nervous system! :) The day was divine, slightly cloudy and windy. So we agreed with our friends, who like us know every little paradise in the vicinity of Smederevo, to spend Saturday in nature. Our children are also friends, so a good time was guaranteed. We decided to do a little research on the banks of the Velika Morava River, the longest river in Serbia. This river flows into the Danube near Smederevo, but it is difficult to reach the mouth, except by boat.


We parked our cars next to a side road located between the villages of Šalinac and Kulič, about 2 kilometers from our destination. Although we haven't been to this type of walk in a long time, we thought that our children would not have a problem because they are used to long walks in nature. And we were right. Only Mila, who is two and a half years old, got a little tired.



After walking along the mentioned path, we turned into the forest and soon reached the bank of the Velika Morava. The approach to the coast is arranged in some parts and there are mostly boats. Getting in and out of the boat was very interesting for the children.



We decided to take a walk along the path that leads along the bank of the Velika Morava. We soon came across a poplar forest and the scene was magical. The children started shouting "Snooooow”! And really, it was like it was snowing.


We walked on a soft cotton white layer, which was created from a fluffy wrapper of poplar seeds. The funniest were the frogs that were jumping all around us, stuck in the poplar fluff. Like frog cabaret.:) In some countries, it is forbidden to plant female poplars near cities, because fluff can irritate the eyes, but in this forest, nothing bothered us. It was like we were in a fairy tale. It was especially interesting for the children who called the forest a magical forest.



We walked through the woods and stopped to let the children play. After a while we reached the end of the road. We could only go further through the forest. so we went back.


This walk was enjoyable for all of us. I missed my friends and nature a lot. Although the virus is still present, somehow life has returned to normal.

See you soon with new topics! Stay healthy!

With love,


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