Do you eat more than usual? About isolation, food, friendship and strudel!

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Measures in Serbia have been tightened. We stay at home on weekends! Today is the first day of total isolation - first day in all-day quarantine. Honestly, I try to get the best out of this situation, take a break from work and devote myself to my children and family. Sometimes it can be frustrating, but no surrender! :)


However, I don't know about you, but we are constantly hungry :) Food has become a real ritual, and I am constantly preparing something for children and of course with children.:) Good and tasty foods certainly produce serotonin, what we need at the moment:) Maybe that's the reason.


My best friends have the same problem. There are five of us.
We've known each other for over twenty years. Each of us lives in a different town and I miss them a lot. Although we are often in contact our Viber group is very active these days. Among other things, we share photos of the food we prepared in isolation. :)


Ivana is "captured" in Thailand. Her tourist tour through Asia was stopped by the coronavirus in Krabi. She was preparing scrambled eggs yesterday at a house she rented for a month. Marina made chocolate muffins in Malmö. Marija is a mom of three. During the isolation, her children draw and paint on the walls of the apartment in Niš, where she lives. Very creative :) Her dough sticks seem delicious. My godmother and my namesake, which I have known all my life, always has some healthy variant of some candy. So it was this time. She lives in Belgrade.

And what about me? Today I decided to prepare the dishes that everyone loves - light soup, lots of salad, baked potatoes and roasted turkey. I always loved Sunday lunch when we were all together. The kitchen is the most magical place in the home. The wonderful scents of Mom's meals remain in my memory forever. In my case, Dad's dishes too, which were delicious and always nicely served.


For dessert, I prepared a wonderful and favorite poppy seed strudel. If you are interested in how I make strudel, take a look here. As always I had my little helpers! Working with dough can be very creative, but it also soothes children. Although they make a mess, it's a pleasure to prepare food with them :)




When something is done with a lot of love, the result is always great!


My husband avoids candy, a healthy life has always been his life philosophy. But he can't resist the poppy seed strudel. Of course, in the afternoon we always do exercises, all together! He is our personal trainer and I am a DJ. :)


Today was a fantastic day, although we didn't go anywhere. We watched the movie, tidied up the yard, did exercises, listened to music and ate all the strudel! :) The most important thing is to stay positive and understand that this will pass.

Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end. Lennon

Tomorrow is a new day! Stay well!

With love,


Wonderful blog @ladysnowhite, same thing's been happening here with me cooking & baking to keep the spirits up, but we'll all have to go on a diet afterwards;);)

Thanks a lot @lizelle! :) I agree, summer is coming :) Stay well!

keep up the good work 🤝 stay safe 👍🏾 !trdo

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