One parrot story - About love and pets!

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For a long time we were not ready to have a new pet. Eddy has been our beloved dog for 13 years. He died last summer. It was very difficult for us, especially for our son Vuk, who grew up with Eddy. Whenever we asked Vuk if he wanted a new pet, the answer was always NO. He suffered a lot for his dog.

But, in this situation, while we were going through a very stressful period because the corona virus appeared at my husband’s job, suddenly a small cute parrot appeared. Charming budgerigar became our new pet, in a wonderful and amazing way...


It was a cold morning, about a week ago, it was just about to start raining. My husband was in the yard and on the branch he saw a small, beautiful, blue parrot looking at him. He raised his hand and the little parrot landed on his index finger. Its obvious that parrot escaped from somewhere. My husband brought frostbitten budgerigar into the house and we were all thrilled with our new pet. The whole story was interesting and amazing to us, because we live in areas where there are no parrots in nature. I immediately called my brother, who was holding a parrot, and got a cage.


Although, I have to mention that I would never buy a bird as a pet, because I hate cages and I think all the birds of this world should be free. The bird is a symbol of freedom! But I am aware that the world is not functioning the way I would like it to and this is a different situation. This parrot would surely die of the cold, or be eaten by a neighbor's cat, or become a lunch of Common kestrel which there are many in our area.

Obviously, the parrot is very tame and trained. The name of our new pet was given by my son Vuk - Eddy.♥️ No need to explain why...


Since we found out that the parrot likes to cuddle, that it loves to land on our head and shoulder, that it loves white little mirror the most, and since I don't like cages, we decided that the doors of his cage should always be open, except when the windows are open. We wouldn't want it to fly away.

After we determined that this parrot was a male, we decided to buy him a wife because we read that they are very unhappy when they are alone. Another rule of mine that I break.



The children are especially happy and delighted and adore him, because he is charming, sweet, cheerful and sociable. The little parrot decided to become our pet on his own. He chose us!

He is our little miracle, which embellished this period of isolation and madness that befell the whole world. It is our job to take care of our new Eddy and to love our new pet!


But of course, we will never forget our first Eddy, who will forever remain in our hearts, memories and thoughts. We miss you!


I hope you enjoyed this little story of love between man and animal. Thanks for stopping by!

With love,


I love that story. I agree about cages but you have no choice . I would have kept him too. So sweet.

I'm glad you like the story :) I don't like cages, not even zoos, but I have to admit that parrots are very interesting pets. Greeting!